*Limited Seating Available

A group of interested Freemasons has organized an event scheduled for 9 am, Saturday, October 5th in Portland, Oregon.

Some portions of this conference will be open to the public. Presenters with relevant
content who are not members are encouraged to apply. Amplification and digital projection equipment will be available for use at this event.

Interested presenters are encouraged to submit a 600-1000 word summary of the topic to be presented and a short introduction of the presenter. Relevant links, references, and other resource material are also encouraged.

If you are selected by the committee further resources for publication in a Proceedings may be required.

The purpose of the event is to encourage the study and discussion of topics related to Freemasonry and Esotericism.

We are looking for experienced presenters interested in giving talks or workshops anywhere from 15-45 minutes in length.

Preference will be given to Esoteric and Freemasonry-adjacent topics.

How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood.

The Organizing Committee thanks you for your interest

Troy Spreeuw
Ken Lane
Thomas Pierce